0.3 ct Russian Alexandrite Ring with Diamonds

Exceptional Russian Alexandrite Ring wrapped in an antique chequerboard design – popular motif in the ’60s of the XIX century.

Alexandrite was first found in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1830, and called after the name of Russian Czar Alexander ||, so it has the richest history of all the alexandrites from other origins. The famous words “emerald in the day, ruby in the night” is about alexandrite. Alexandrites of the Urals have the most intensively manifested reverse and brighter bluish-green color in daylight and vivid red under incandescent light.

The center stone is a rare color-changing Russian Alexandrite that shows calming blue color in daylight and pinkish-red in incandescent light. It complemented by Champagne Diamonds that successfully accentuate the color of the center stone and add a warm glow to the Ring, and colorless Diamonds that give a sparkling mood.

The combination of finesse, rarity and color in this delectable Ring makes it simply exceptional and highly desirable.

Center stone: Russian Alexandrite

Weight: 0.3 ct

Color: daylight – blue, incandescent light – pinkish-red

Champagne Diamonds: 0.33 ct

Colorless Diamonds:  0.31 ct

Total weight: 8.48 gr

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