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Our faceting factory is located in a heart of world’s gemstone industry – the city of Bangkok. It’s here the gemstone cutting saga begins…

With our 15 experienced cutters and high quality standards we deliver the best results with every gemstone.

gemstone lapidary - Tsarina Jewels

Every stone is carefully examined for color distribution and internal imperfections. After that, our head cutter chooses the shape which works best for a particular gem paying attention on cracks and inclusions.

We take extra time for rough planning for optimal yield. It’s one of the most important steps in the cutting process as this determines the future appearance and value of the gem.

Now the stone is ready for preforming. It’s a crucial for preformer to make the shape symmetrical, smooth and aligned.

cutting factory

The faceting and polishing steps finalize this challenging but thrilling cutting process. Here we pay attention to all the details to achieve the precision cut: correct angles are applied, perfect polishing, flat facets, crisp and sharp meeting points and facet junctions.

The finished stone is ready to shine. 

precision cut emerald

See our videos of “What makes a good quality cut” 

1) About Shape

2) About Proportions

3) About Final Polish

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