Emerald Treating Process

2 emeralds

Emerald is a special gemstone which beauty and power has captured the eye through the centuries. Commonly the emerald is a very included stone that means it has cracks which can be filled. Over 99% of all Emeralds in the market undergo a clarity enhancement process. During this treatment emerald’s fractures are filled with oil, wax, polymers etc. It’s common and acceptable practice in the world of Emeralds that can have a positive effect on a gemstone’s overall appearance.

Emerald under magnification – some cracks at the bottom and fingerprints inclusion in the center.

More surface-reaching fractures in Emerald means more oil may enter. The level of oil treatment is normally disclosed upon sale and can be determined by the number of gemological laboratories worldwide.

We are very proud that almost 50% of our Emerald inventory doesn’t require any clarity enhancements since these Emeralds are extremely rare. But of course, there are stones that need to be oiled.

Let’s see our short video of the Emerald Oiling Process that we usually do in our in-house faceting factory


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