Demantoid Color Grades

Demantoid Color Grades

Demantoid is a type of andradite mineral, which is a part of the garnet group. It’s the rarest and the most expensive type of garnets. Demantoid is famous for its unprecendented brilliancy and fire which surpasses diamond due to higher light dispersion index. The color of Demantoid garnet is green, often with yellowish or brownish tints, rarely with a blue tint. Its coloration is caused by impurities of iron and chromium, yellow tints are caused by titanium compounds. The most valuable color is a deep vivid green without any hint of yellowness

Demantoid has a wide range of colors and to simplify the matters we group them into four color grades.

Vivid Green

Rarest of colors, constitutes less than 10% of monthly production

Medium Green

Constitutes approximately 15% of monthly production

Yellowish Green

Constitutes approximately 35% of monthly production

Greenish Yellow

Constitutes approximately 40% of monthly production

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