Demantoid Color Grades

Demantoid Color Grades

Demantoid is a type of andradite mineral, which is a part of the garnet group. It’s the rarest and the most expensive type of garnets. Demantoid is famous for its unprecendented brilliancy and fire which surpasses diamond due to higher light dispersion index. The color of Demantoid garnet is green, often with yellowish or brownish tints, rarely with a blue tint. Its coloration is caused by impurities of iron and chromium, yellow tints are caused by titanium compounds. The most valuable color is a deep vivid green without any hint of yellowness.

Russian Demantoid Garnet Colors

Demantoid has a wide range of colors, and to simplify matters, we group them into four color grades:

  1. Vivid Green
    This grade represents the most valuable and sought-after demantoids. The color is a rich, deep green with no yellow or brown undertones. These stones exhibit exceptional green color, making them highly desirable for fine jewelry. The rarity and intensity of this color, combined with the demantoid’s inherent brilliance, make these stones the pinnacle of quality in demantoid garnets.
  2. Medium Green
    Demantoids in this grade have a bright green color with minimal yellow undertones. While not as rare as the top vivid green, they possess excellent brilliance and are highly prized. These stones often serve as an excellent alternative for those seeking high-quality demantoids without the premium price vivid green ones. The bright green hue is vibrant, offering a striking appearance in jewelry pieces.
  3. Yellowish Green
    This grade includes demantoids that show a bit of yellowish tints in their green color. This grade exhibits excellent brilliance and fire. The presence of yellow undertones can sometimes add a unique character to the stone, appealing to those who appreciate the diverse color palette of demantoid garnets. These stones are more accessible in terms of pricing, making them popular among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.
  4. Greenish Yellow
    These demantoids have a predominant yellow or brown tint in their green color. They may also exhibit higher brilliance compared to higher-grade stones. Greenish yellow Demantoids can offer a distinctive look, often appealing to those who seek unusual and eye-catching gemstones for their collections.

Vivid Green

Rarest of colors, constitutes less than 10% of monthly production

Medium Green

Constitutes approximately 15% of monthly production

Yellowish Green

Constitutes approximately 35% of monthly production

Greenish Yellow

Constitutes approximately 40% of monthly production

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