Tsarina Jewels is proud to be a high-end jewelry brand as well as a manufacturer and wholesaler of gemstones namely Russian Emerald, Demantoid and Alexandrite. We source rough materials directly from the mines and process them in our in-house faceting facilities in Thailand


About us 

Tsarina Jewels was established by Alexey and Anna in Bangkok, Thailand. With more than 30 years of collective experience in the gemstone industry, Tsarina Jewels is a successful company in the international market that offers rare natural Ural stones of high-quality cut, color and clarity, as well as high-end jewelry.





The idea was born in the Ural Mountains, the capital of the Russian jewelry industry, which is famous for its unique deposits of precious stones.





We take a modern approach to craftsmanship combined with classical inspiration from the rich jewelry traditions of Imperial Russia. Through custom design and collaborating with our clients, we elaborate on their personal tastes and preferences in the physical form, composition and craft of our jewels.





We use only natural precious stones, with a preference for Ural stones in addition to the best gems from around the world. The goal of Tsarina Jewels is to reveal the natural beauty and uniqueness of each gem with the help of jewelry art.





We embody the refinement, elegance and exquisiteness in our jewelry worthy of modern Tsarinas!





Faceting Facilities

Following the highest standards of faceting art, we convert rough material into exquisite gems through the Precision Russian Cut.





We select only the high-quality rough materials directly from the mines and sort them by color, quality, size, and presence of inclusions. After that – we select the most suitable shape in order to reveal the natural value and beauty for each individual stone.





Our team

Our professional team is comprised of highly qualified specialists including gem cutters with more than 20 years of experience, GIA gemologists, qualified geologists and experienced gem traders.





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