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  • Alexandrite of the Urals

    Emeralds of the Urals

    Some History.

    The emerald saga started with a man named Maxim Stefanovich Kozhevnikov, of Beloyarsk, who found a few green crystals in the roots of a tree on the bank of the Tokovaya River. He took the stones to Yekaterinburg to sell them, and a small sample was delivered to Yakov Kokovin, commander of the Yekaterinburg Imperial Lapidary Manufactory and the Gornoshitovsky Marble Factory. Kokovin believed that the stone was emerald. Immediately, on 21 January 1831, he traveled with the workers and necessary tools to the place indicated by Maxim Kozhevnikov on the Tokovaya River. Despite the snow and cold, he started prospecting and, on 23 January 1831, a mica vein was found. While following it, several crystals of good quality emerald were discovered.

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