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    April 26-29, 2023

    Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok

    Hall 1&2 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

    BOOTH G17

    May 11-14 , 2023


    Geneva – Palexpo

    Russian Demantoid

    Ural Mountains of  Russia is the most important and consistent source of the rarest variety  of Garnets - Demantoid. The stones from this region are famous for  their vivid green hue, high dispersion and characteristic horsetail  inclusion

    Russian Emerald

    Ones  of the finest quality emeralds come from Russian Region. There are many  reasons why Russian material is considering valuable and rare - unique  color from light to saturated green, exceptional clarity and  considerable sizes

    Russian Alexandrite

    Alexandrite  was first found in Russia's Ural Mountains in 1830, and called after  the name of Russian Czar Alexander ||, so it has the richest history of  all the Alexandrites from other origins. Russian Alexandrites have the  most intensively manifested reverse and brighter bluish-green color in  daylight and vivid red under incandescent light

    High Jewelry

    We  take a modern approach to craftsmanship combined with classical  inspiration from the rich jewelry traditions of Imperial Russia

    About us

    With  more than 30 years of collective experience in the gemstone industry,  Tsarina Jewels is a successful company in the international market that  offers rare natural Ural stones of high-quality cut, color and clarity,  as well as high-end jewelry